Agricultural Engineering, Volume 49 (2017)


Todor Penyashki, Georgi Kostadinov, Mara Kandeva
Agricultural Academy – Sofia; Technical University – Sofia


Abstract: Non-contact local electrospark deposition (LESD) are used in this work to study the wear and increase the wear resistance of products from high speed steel HS6-5-2 with coatings from TiC and TiN-based hard alloys electrodes at  friction and cutting.  The complex influence of the operating electric parameters for the LESD and the electrode materials on the contact processes and the wear of the layered samples and tools whit resulting coatings during cutting and abrasion friction were investigated. There has been an increase in wear resistance of the deposited samples and tools and the conditions under which the lowest wear can be obtained have been determined. Depending on the used processes parameters, the wear of the layered tools and specimens is 1.3 to 2.4 times lower than that of the uncoated. The values of the process parameters of the LESD modes in which the maximum durability of the coated products is reached are determined.

Keyword(s): elecro –spark deposition, coatings, non-tungsten electrode materials, wear resistance


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