Agricultural Engineering, Volume 49 (2017)


Kussay Ahmed Subhi, A. Tudor, E. Hussein, H. Wahad, G. Chisiu, A. V. Radulescu
AL-FURAT AL-AWSAT Technical University, Iraq; Polytechnic University of Bucharest; AL-FURAT AL-AWSAT Technical University; Polytechnic University of Bucharest


Abstract: In this current study, a twist static frictional behavior was experimentally studied by using different shapes of an indenter tip (circular, square, and triangular cross sectional area) all are made from brass and applied load (1 and 2 N). The creep area and the static coefficient of friction between cow skin and tips were recorded at times (1, 2, 3, and 4 minutes). The gained experimental results showed that the creep area and the coefficient of friction of cow skin increased as the time increased for both applied loads. The circular shape has maximum creep area while the twist static coefficient of friction was minimum compared to that produced by the others shapes.

Keyword(s): Twist static friction, cow skin, creep area, endoprosthesis support


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