Agricultural Engineering, Volume 50 (2018)


Raimondas Kreivaitis, Albinas Andriušis
Aleksandras Stulginskis University


Nowadays friction reduction is of great importance due to fuel economy and energy saving issues. The internal combustion (IC) engine is widely used in rotation power production for moving machinery. The performance of internal combustion engine is closely related to its lubrication. Engine oil must ensure sufficient lubrication at all the lubrication regimes. Recently marketed lubrication oils possess different performance. However these differences are not always cost efficient. In those cases when cost is an issue some simple evaluation and comparison can be useful. The aim of current study is to compare tribological properties of two different diesel engine oils 0W-40 and 5W-40. Tribological test were performed using pin-on-disc and four-ball test schemes. The observed results show marginal difference between investigated lubrication oils. Their performances mostly differ at boundary lubrication regime where 0W-40 oil was superior to 5W-40. Moreover 0W-40 oil faster reaches transition boundary-to-mixed lubrication regime. However 5W-40 was considered to have better wear reduction ability.

Keyword(s): engine oil, friction, boundary lubrication, wear


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