Agricultural Engineering, Volume 45, Number 1

Biogas Production By Co-Fermentation Of Fodder And Sugar Beet As Part Of A Holistic Energy Concept In A New Greenhouse Generation

Robert Böttcher, Marlene Smieszek, Christian Stollberg, Horst Gerath
University of Applied Sciences; University of Applied Sciences,


The feasibility of the co-fermentation of sugar beet silage with maize silage within a
holistic energy strategy for a novel type greenhouse is investigated. Therefore, the influence of organic dry matter total solids (dTS) of sugar beet as part of a substrate blend with maize is analysed. A synergy effect and the advantages of co-fermentation of sugar beet with maize silage compared to mono-fermentation of sugar beet could be observed in the study.

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Keyword(s): Biogas, energy concept, greenhouse, maize silage, sugar beet silage.

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