Agricultural Engineering, Volume 45, Number 1

The Cutting Height As A Factor For Increasing The Harvester Efficiency

Stanislav Smolinskyy


There is efficiently to harvest of grain-crops by cutting only ear part of stem
with increasing of content of straw as by tow, but this technique is available for
harvesting of all grain-crops. It is possible to use the cutting height as factor for
increasing the harvester efficiency.
In accordance with outcomes of experiments for definition of stems height
and stems inclination in different points of field we can define a resume about using
the adaptation system in the harvesters. This system can control the field
parameters and adjust the harvester parameters on-line.
In the article there is presented the outcomes of computer experiments for
definition of dependences of limit slope of tangent to longitudinal axis of stem on
point position for different cutting height.
By harvesting of grain-crops with cutting only ear part of stem it is possible
to reduce the corn losses after header and to augment the harvester capacity.


Article is in russian language

Keyword(s): Harvester, ear part, cutting height, bend of stem.

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