Agricultural Engineering, Volume 45, Number 1

Exploration Of Technological Equipment For A New Bioethanol Dehydration Method

A. Rucins, K. Zihmane-Ritina, G. Bremers, G. Birzietis, A. Baltins, A. Skele, J. Bergs


In conformity with the requirements of the EU directives, Latvia has to increase the
annual utilisation of biofuel, including bioethanol, in transport. In order to decrease the
consumption of energy for the production of bioethanol, a new bioethanol dehydration
method has been developed at the Latvia University of Agriculture (LUA), for which an
application has been submitted for the European Patent No.EP2316549 “Method and device
for removing water from ethanol by combined adsorption and distillation”. In order to
carry out testing of the structural units of the developed technology to achieve optimum
solutions, in cooperation with the Institute of Physical Energetics experimental equipment
for testing the variants of the bioethanol dehydration technology has been created within the
framework of the European Regional Development Fund project “Innovative bioethanol
dehydration technologies and elaboration of the measuring equipment for the determination
of its parameters” No.2010/0281/2DP/ at the Research
Institute of Agricultural Machinery, Latvia University of Agriculture.
Considering the fact that a patent EP 2524722 A1 for the developed experimental
equipment has been submitted for the European Patent Office, entitled “Device for semidry
congruent dehydration of bioethanol”. Application published in the European Patent
Office the official Bulletin 2012/47.
Therefore the equipment and its units which are necessary for the implementation of
the technology of the method are shown in the form of block schemes. The research results
include also the results of the already conducted studies of the dosing equipment for the
adsorbent granules, as well as the consequent conclusions.


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Keyword(s): Bioethanol dehydration, dosing equipment for the adsorbent granules, a rectification column.

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