Agricultural Engineering, Volume 44, Number 2


Vidas Žuraulis, Artūras Žukas
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University


Vehicle dynamics simulation software "CarSim" enables to evaluate full nonlinear vehicle dynamic model and its dependencies related to many movement parameters. Lateral dynamics is one of the main fields of vehicle dynamics and there are many various methods for research of this field. Main attention is given for tire characteristics, suspension stiffness and its damping characteristics, geometry and kinematics of steering components. This model evaluates inertia moments of linear and rotational moving components. Tire dynamic characteristics can be modeled using so called “Magic formula” model by changing its input parameters. This paper analyzes program capabilities by modeling vehicle movement in the turn using specific tools and analysis methods of this software.
To reveal particular possibilities of this software different speeds and circular trajectory moving vehicle model is shown in this paper. There is also presented optional parameters which can be set before computer experiment, methodic of drive modes and characteristic which are set on model. After car experiment simulation there is given graphic charts of forces on car, angles of car turn according to vertical and longitudinal axis, tire reactions to road. This comparisonal research lets to evaluate ability of program to study parameters variation and accuracy of designed model. Also specific program capabilities in automotive engineering field compared to other programs like ADAMS, Matlab/Simulink and LabView are mentioned.

Keyword(s): „CarSim“, lateral dynamics, lateral acceleration, slip angle.

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