Agricultural Engineering, Volume 45, Number 3


Aivars Aboltins, Jānis Palabinskis
Institute of Agricultural Machinery, Latvia University of Agriculture


The aim of this research was to determine the effectiveness of oat grain drying using
air heating solar collector’s heated atmospheric air. The experiment took place in Spring.
The obtained results and their analysis confirms and proves air heating solar collector application
effectiveness and efficiency of agricultural products drying. Oats grain drying
using air heating solar collector heat up the air with an average temperature 33°C provide
5,1 g/100g water removal after 6.5 hours of drying. At the initial grain moisture 25.85%
after 8 hours of drying using solar air heating collector with heating air temperature 33°C
5 cm thick grain layer moisture reaches 14.4%. Oat grain layers temperatures and moistures
changes depending on the drying time are given.

Keyword(s): Oat, drying, solar collector


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