Agricultural Engineering, Volume 45, Number 3


Anastasia Kutsenko
National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine


The mechanical systems of periodical structure are passed through a wave by certain ranges of frequency. There ranges of frequency are called pass-bends. This is feature of periodical mechanical system have been invoked to designee of vibration construction. Many solutions of such problems by numerical methods are drawn. As an example, the method of finite elements.
A problem of bending waves propagation through a plate with two mutually perpendicular systems of hinges is considered. Wave propagates in the orthogonal to the period diagonal direction is perceived.
The method of the investigation of wave propagation in double periodic plates, which based on the boundary elements method, is developed. With the help of this method the pass-bands of the wave, which propagates in the orthogonal to the minimum period diagonal direction, are found. Under corresponding modification it can be applied in the case of arbitrary double periodic systems.

Keyword(s): Plate, periodic structure, pass-bands, Floquet’s principle


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