Agricultural Engineering, Volume 47


Balaji Narayanaswamy, Peter Hodgson, Hossein Beladi
Deakin University, Australia


In the current study, abrasive wear resistance of two distinct microstructures, namely pearlite and martensite with a similar hardness level was studied. A two-body abrasive environment was simulated in a pin-on-disc tribometer (ASTM G99), by subjecting the metallic surface (i.e. microstructure) against silicon carbide abrasive particles. Pearlite (multi-phase) revealed better abrasion resistance than martensite (single-phase) with respect to abrasive wear characteristics. Abrasion induced microstructural changes were analysed through sub-surface and topographical investigations. To summarize, the multi-phase microstructure (ferrite and cementite lamellae in pearlitic microstructure) was more efficient in combating abrasion than the single-phase microstructure (i.e. martensite).

Keyword(s): Abrasive wear, microstructure, tribometer and specific wear rate.


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