Agricultural Engineering, Volume 42, Number 2


Alexey Removich Kulchitskiy
Vladimir State University


According to the international standard documents, ecological indicators of the engines should be provided during certain period of time or run. Maintenance of intended level of issue of the exhaust emissions (EE) from the diesel engines during certain run, requires, first of all, high stability of working process of the engine, and secondly, the organizations of the operative control over a condition of ecological indicators of the engine. The measurement of concentration of gaseous harmful substances (HS) within a stream of the fulfilled gases does not present difficulty in connection with portable gas analyzersNOx,COand HC, but measurement of issue of particle matter (РМ) under operating conditions is impossible. The estimation of issue of HS with EE is made on the basis of test cycles (TC): combination of various speeds and loadings and endurance time for each testing mode. Similar different conditions of working process determine of features for formation of РМ components: soot, solid sulphates and heavy hydrocarbons. To solve the specified problem the author had been developed settlement model of formation of basic РМ components taking into account the influence of power setting. Main sources of heavy hydrocarbons - fuel and oil have been thus differentiated on each mode of TC.

The estimated method based on indirect indicators which could be used for the maintenance of dispersing particles and their main components in the emission 90 gases of the diesel engines is described. This method differs from known used for the account of dependence of issue of heavy hydrocarbons from power setting, and also provides differentiation of heavy hydrocarbons sources. Results of application of the method are presented and considered in the paper.

Keyword(s): Diesel engine, disperse particles, soot, firm sulphates, heavy hydrocarbons, fuel, oil


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