Agricultural Engineering, Volume 48 (2016)


Stanislav Smolinskyy, Gediminas Žebrauskas
National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine; Aleksandras Stulginskis University


Grain loss is the key quality parameter for a combine harvester. Grain loss in a combine harvester depends on the weather, harvesting duration, biometric properties and ripeness of the grain crop, combine harvester parameters, threshing unit process parameters, straw and chaff separators etc. The operator monitors changes of light indications on the display of the trip computer which are related to the level of grain loss of the straw and chaff separator. Grain loss indication however is not read in kg ha-1 or %. Grain loss in a harvester is usually subjected to visual control. The existing methods for grain loss determination of the combine harvesters are time- and labour-intensive. The method for rapid determination of total grain loss of the combine harvester and separately of the header proposed in this paper helps the controller to control the combine harvester performance and verify the actual grain loss (in kg ha-1) against the light indications on the combine harvester computer display.

Keyword(s): Grain crops, combine harvester, harvesting, grain loss, method for determination of grain loss


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