Agricultural Engineering, Volume 45, Number 1

Investigation Of Tractor Performance During Ploughing Operation

Vidas Damanauskas, Algirdas Janulevičius, Vaclovas Kurkauskas, Gediminas Pupinis
Aleksandro Stulginskio universitetas; Aleksandro Stulginskio universitetas,


This paper provides an overview of possibility for reduction tractor’s fuel
consumption and slippage of driving wheels in real operating conditions. Analysis of tractor slippage and fuel consumption reduction methods and tools were done during ploughing operation. A soil physical and mechanical property varies much, therefore value of driving wheels slippage and fuel consumption tractor has to be determined experimentally. Accredited, that dependence of driving wheel slippage must be taken in account for evaluation its influence on tractor aggregate fuel consumption at any work condition.
Driving wheel slippage and fuel consumption investigation results during
ploughing operation applications were carried out using a tractor “FORD 8340“ and plough „KONGSKILDE VARIANT VP – S“. During investigation the extra 27 weights (from 0 to 520 kg) at the front of the tractor and air pressure (from 2,5 to 1,5 bar) in the tyres driving wheels was changed. During investigation tractor ran turned on and off with the front drive axle in 3Hth gear and at 1610 20 min-1 engine speed
Tractor work parameter, tyre air pressure in driving wheels and extra
weights of front tractor dependence analysis results was presented. Experimentally reasoned optimal values of front tractor extra weight and tyre air pressure of driving wheels, which has an influence to suitable 7-15% slippage of driving wheels and minimum fuel consumption during the ploughing operation application.

Article is in lithuanian language

Keyword(s): Tractor, slippage, fuel consumption, extra weights, air pressure in the tyres, driving axle, ploughing.

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