Agricultural Engineering, Number 51 (2019)


Yurii Osenin, Y. Krivosheya, L. Antoshkina, A. Chesnokov, V. Bugaenko
Vice-principal, Berdyansk Management and Business University; Donetsk Railway Transport Institute; Berdyansk Management and Business University; University of Technology


The article has proposed the design schemes for improvement in railway friction brakes to increase their braking capacity by reducing pressures, other conditions being equal, in the area of contact of the friction unit working elements. The effect is achieved by using ring brake linings or a brake drum in the brake friction unit. The proposed innovations make it possible to reduce the friction brake capacity by 1.7 (using ring brake linings) and 2.1 times (using a brake drum), as compared with conventional disk brakes.

Keyword(s): ring brake lining, brake drum, energy loading


New world speed record on rails. Available at:

Osenin Y.Y., Sergienko O.V. Improvement in Friction Brake Capacity. Bulletin of the East Ukrainian National University named after V. Dal, No. 10 (128) Part 2, 2008, P. 317–321.

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