Agricultural Engineering, Volume 45, Number 1

Straw And Hey Yield Mapping By Harvest

Jiří Mašek, Milan Kroulík, Zdeněk Kvíz
Czech University of Life Sciences Prague


Yield mapping is one of the basic elements of precision agriculture system. Different
sensors and systems which are placed directly on harvesters are commonly used for
yield mapping nowadays. The technical solution for straw and forage crops yield measurement
consists of a simple arrangement of a position sensor – potentiometer mounted on the
belt tension roller on a chosen round pick-up baler with variable chamber. Rotary press
with variable chamber VICON RV1601 Opticut was used for measurement. Wheat straw,
barley straw and hay was pressed during trial measurement. Position of the belt tension
roller was monitored by the potentiometer. Numbers of pulses from the potentiometer corresponded
with the position of measuring belt tension roller during the chamber filling.
Calibration of the measuring system showed a strong dependence of the tension roller position
on the amount of pressed straw or hay (R = 0.99). Finally, yield map of straw and hay
was created..


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Keyword(s): Precision agriculture, yield mapping, harvest, round bale.

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