Agricultural Engineering, Volume 44, Number 2


Tomasz Lus, Marek Łutowicz, Dominika Cuper
Polish Naval Academy


Works on construction of a piston internal combustion engine with heat regeneration modeled on Stirling engine are carried out in Marine Power Plant Department of Polish Naval Academy. The essence of the project is that the engine will have characteristics of both diesel and Stirling engines. This engine is structurally similar to β-type Stirling engine that implements the open cycle. This engine is characterized in that the compression and heat delivery from the regenerator performs as in the Stirling cycle, while providing heat from the combustion and expansion as it pursues in diesel cycle. The exhaust gases dissipate heat to the regenerator before they are removed from the cylinder and replaced with cold air. Heat stored in the regenerator is used to the compressed air in the next cycle. The main advantage of the proposed solution is that: heat delivery occurs in an internal combustion process without losses of exchange and allows for a short pulse of higher temperature than in the Stirling engine. High temperature working medium, as in diesel engine and heat recovery as in Stirling engine provides high engine performance that is the subject of the project. Current research is limited to the engine construction model studies. Theoretical cycle of the engine actually shows the efficiency close to Carnot cycle efficiency at the same temperatures. In practice there are deviations from the theoretical cycle, hence to implement the necessary studies, were modeled the processes taking place inside the cylinder. Both the existing models of internal combustion engines and Stirling engines fired models allow direct modeling of the proposed workflow engine. A model which is a combination of typical elements in the modeling process in the engines of both types is presented in the paper.

Keyword(s): Diesel engine, Stirling engine, heat recovery.

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