Agricultural Engineering, Volume 45, Number 3


Oleg Nikolaevich Chernysh
National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine


Reliability and increase in a resource of modern agricultural mashinery de-mands use of new principles and techniques, and also new settlement methods. Such methods should ensure strength and reliability of details and working ele-ments of cars. Thus it is desirable to use the comprehensive approach which will lead to a solution of a problem of lowering of metal consumption, securities of reli-ability of details and responsible working elements. The account of casual charac-ter of process of a stressing, service conditions, and also technological and design data is the major factor for such calculations. Especial interest thereupon calls application of statistical approaches at the assaying and definition of really well-founded criteria of a settlement limiting condition of a studied plant - a working element of the car taking into account its design features and maintenance factors.
At the assaying of a limiting condition of a working element of the car the settlement sample piece of an estimation and definition of factor of a store of fatigue resistance on the basis of use of probability performances of a fatigue resistance and a stressing has been considered. Thus casual processes of a stressing and working capacity of working elements of cars are presented in the form of functional dependences of the maximum voltage and limiting voltage on time. The given casual processes in the range of detail maintenance can be schematised so that to receive settlement dependences almost comprehensible to use.
The design procedure of factor of a store of fatigue resistance taking into account probability performances of a fatigue resistance and a stressing is described. Results of application of the specified technique allow on a ratio of extremes of distribution functions of performances of a fatigue resistance and a stressing to evaluate settlement factor of a store of fatigue resistance of a consid-ered working element of the car taking into account probability aspects of distribu-tion of the given performances.

Keyword(s): Factor of a store of fatigue resistance, working elements of agricultural mashinery, the statistical approach, cyclic loads.


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