Agricultural Engineering, Volume 46


Irina Kazanceva, Eglė Sendžikienė, Milda Gumbytė, Kiril Kazancev
Aleksandro Stulginskio university


Chemical and physical properties (density, kinematic viscosity, flash point, copper strip corrosion, calorific value) of multicomponent biofuel blends, containing rapeseed oil butyl or methyl esters, biobutanol and fossil diesel fuel are discussed in this paper. Ester, water and partial glycerides contents were determinated in multicomponent biofuel blends. These properties were compared with the same properties of pure biodiesel (rapeseed oil butyl and methyl esters) and pure diesel fuel. As there are no standards for blends fuel, containing more than 7  of biocomponents, that is why, density and viscosity were evaluated according standards EN 14214 and EN 590.
It is determined that the addition of butanol and rapeseed oil butyl esters should improve the cold flow properties, such as cloud point and cold filter plugging point.
As rapeseed oil butyl esters were produced from high acidity rapeseed oil (4%), much attention was deviated for oxidation stability and acidity of pure rapeseed oil butylesters and it blends with butanol and diesel fuel.

Keyword(s): Rapeseed oil butyl esters, rapeseed oil methyl esters, properties, cold flow properties, oxidation stability, acidity.


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